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About the website

This website is hosted by Blue Labs Software, a privately owned network. Blue Labs is owned by the webmaster of South Meriden VFD and is an active firefighter. We use Linux ( for the server's operating system and the web server software uses a mix of Apache, OpenSSL, PHP, and PostgreSQL. It is all Open Source software and incredibly more stable and secure than things like Microsoft Windows and IIS. (read: good stuff!)

All software used for creating and serving this website is Open Source! Our preferred browser is Mozilla, you will see a better layout on the webpage if you use Mozilla, Opera, Safari, or Konqueror. Mozilla renders websites better. All content here is freely available to the public (save for the member only area).

If we inadvertently have used somebodies private or copyrighted work, please promptly, thank you.

Here is a Changelog for the website.

And here is a list of resources for products, services, and related. This also includes the software we use at SMVFD.