If you have an emergency, DIAL 9-1-1.

This is a volunteer fire station and is not manned 24 hours a day. If you need a case number or times, call our Dispatch (radio call name is Fire Alarm) and ask for the Meriden Fire Marshall.

SM Office
(203) 237.2851
SM Chiefs Line
(203) 630.4499
SM Fax
(203) 630.4633
Meriden Fire Marshall
(203) 630.6206 ⇦ call this number for case information

The fire station street address and our mailing address is:

31 Camp St
South Meriden CT 06451
PO Box 3030
South Meriden CT 06451

Each of the station members can generally be emailed using the form of firstname.lastname@southmeriden-vfd.org if they have chosen so. Please be advised that the email addresses as well as other forms of communications such as instant messaging are personal to the individual and should not be construed to reflect upon the station nor should you expect to conduct business with them. They are here for your convenience and abuse or mis-use is NOT permitted. The city does not sponsor our public communications other than the station telephone.


Command Tier
Fire Fighters and EMS
City of Meriden Fire Stations
Engine Company 1630-5871168 Capitol Avenue
Engine Company 2, Truck 1630-587061 Pratt Street
Engine Company 3, Headquarters630-5873561 Broad Street
Engine Company 4630-5874260 Sherman Avenue
Engine Company 5630-58751075 East Main Street
Contact: Webmaster, security, abuse, admin

Much of a volunteer fire departments requisite budget comes from fundraising events and donations. If you can help us please let us know. We greatly appreciate the contributions from our community. Your donations help support our training. Your contributions also make much of our events through the year possible, such as sponsoring the youth of the South Meriden Baseball Team, managing the annual Hanover Elementary Halloween party, and other events.

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