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Do you want to be a firefighter?

We don’t do this for the money, there isn’t any. After two years of service in good standing, you may be eligible for a tax rebate if you own property (such as a house or a vehicle) in the city of Meriden. We don’t do it for the glory. Sometimes there is but normally it’s just routine. It’s for the self satisfaction of knowing you’re doing an honorable and worthy job.

You need to be a well grounded person willing to get up in the middle of the night, leaving your significant other fast asleep and rush to help those in need. You need to be willing to leave your Thursday night bowling game to help someone who can’t breath. Can you put other’s safety and well being ahead of your comfort?

Below are the steps you must take to join the SMVFD. After you accomplish this list successfully, you need to be certified in different forms of training before you will be allowed to respond to calls. Medical training can happen pretty quickly - you could be responding to medical calls within 60 days!

You must complete Firefighter I training and pass the Connecticut state exam before being authorized to respond to structure fires. This is a station policy, not a state, NFPA, or OSHA requirement. While you are waiting for certification, you may ride along as an observer only if there is room and you are approved by a Chief Officer for a given call.

Joining SMFD occurs in two phases. First the application process, second the final applicants testing. Applications are accepted year-round but the new recruits process is normally done once per year.

  1. Application ($10 fee)
  2. You must bring a copy of your CT drivers record from the DMV
  3. Background Investigation
  1. Physical ability test to determine if you are capable of executing given tasks in a limited amount of time
  2. Interview
  3. Medical Exam